Your Neighbors Mess Could Be Hurting Your Homes Value

I know we’ve all seen them, the neighbor with the Christmas lights still dangling from the eves in July and the carved, once scary but now just “scary” pumpkin still on the porch in January.  Are you trying to sell or thinking about it?  Have you ever thought about how this will affect your property?  You’ve heard it before location, location, location – well there is also curb appeal, curb appeal and curb appeal.

If you’re thinking about selling or are for sale now and you have that special neighbor you may want to take some step to see what you can do about it.  Some things you could try:

  • Perhaps its an older couple who just cant get around like they used too – perhaps you have your kids or pay a neighborhood kid looking to make a few bucks go over and mow up the yard, trim the lawn edges and pick up that old pumpkin
  • You may have a vacant house next door that has been foreclosed – look on the front door many times they will have posted who is overlooking the home and you could call and ask them to have it cleaned up
  • you may just want to stop by with a friendly plate of cookies and let them know you will be selling and any efforts they could put forth to tidy things up a bit would be greatly appreciated, offer to help

However you decide to go about it just remember your street, neighbors and curb appeal do have a great impact on your equity.

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