What To Do Now That Winter Is Coming With Your Home Sale

We get this question allot “should we just take it off over the winter and wait until spring to sell?  I would ask this, why?  Most people reply “because the spring is always better and maybe we can get more money then?”.

All good questions but I would say if the reason is purely “spring is better” and “we may get more money” to look a look at the history of those two comments.  Last year (2010) and into the winter start of 2011 there was a home sold in Rockford every 5 days!  Homes do sell all year round so if you’re looking to sell the winter is just as good.  In fact, some Realtors say consider this; there may be less buyers looking but the buyers dragging themselves out in the cold winter months and holiday seasons are typically much more serious then the summer time buyers – good point.

The other comment was the prices will be higher – are you sure?  I think there are allot of sellers out there that said that last year and wish they could turn the clock back.  Now none of us have that crystal ball but we do know that the market has been very volatile over the last few years and prices have adjusted downward more sharply than any of us would have liked to see.  I went to a home last year in the Autumn Oaks neighborhood and they decided to wait over the winter due to the “home prices will be better next year” and in fact the home went down about $5,000 from last year (they even had 2 other agents out for price opinions).  We do not know for sure what the market will be like next year, may be up, may be down, may be the same – depends on how much you like to gamble and if you can afford too.

I would suggest to look at your specific needs and if you can wait and it makes no difference it it goes down or stays the same then there’s your answer.  Keep in mind though, the longer you stay the more payments your making as well which in itself reduces your proceeds.

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