8360 Cedar St Rambler Just Listed

We are very proud to put our newest Rockford listing on the web for you to see.  8360 Cedar Street is a 2,700+ square foot Rambler with 4 beds, 2 baths, deck, porch and more that can be seen at your convenience by calling The Derrick Monroe Group at 612-282-7653 anytime.

For more photos and details of this Rambler please call us.  Thanks for stopping by & remember if you’re selling or buying in Rockford we have been working this area for over a decade, let our experience work for you.



Your Neighbors Mess Could Be Hurting Your Homes Value

I know we’ve all seen them, the neighbor with the Christmas lights still dangling from the eves in July and the carved, once scary but now just “scary” pumpkin still on the porch in January.  Are you trying to sell or thinking about it?  Have you ever thought about how this will affect your property?  You’ve heard it before location, location, location – well there is also curb appeal, curb appeal and curb appeal.

If you’re thinking about selling or are for sale now and you have that special neighbor you may want to take some step to see what you can do about it.  Some things you could try:

  • Perhaps its an older couple who just cant get around like they used too – perhaps you have your kids or pay a neighborhood kid looking to make a few bucks go over and mow up the yard, trim the lawn edges and pick up that old pumpkin
  • You may have a vacant house next door that has been foreclosed – look on the front door many times they will have posted who is overlooking the home and you could call and ask them to have it cleaned up
  • you may just want to stop by with a friendly plate of cookies and let them know you will be selling and any efforts they could put forth to tidy things up a bit would be greatly appreciated, offer to help

However you decide to go about it just remember your street, neighbors and curb appeal do have a great impact on your equity.

If you’re looking to sell or buy give us a call at 612-282-7653 or e-mail us at Derrick@DMGRealtor.com

Re-Cap Of The 2011 Rockford Expo

Well another great Rockford business expo under the communities belt.  The 2011 Rockford expo was busier than ever this year with many new vendors, a pancake breakfast and an outstanding attendance from the community.  Here are just a few pictures I grabbed in between the activity.  Enjoy.

If you missed this years expo don’t miss it next year – great time to get out and see what the community has to offer.  If you need any help with Rockford real estate please contact us anytime and thanks for stopping by.

Spring Is Here And You Want To Sell – But Who Do You Hire?

I dont know about you but I am more than ready for the snow to melt, the rain to wash away all the dirt and the weather to warm up.  I love Minnesota but enough is enough.  So the spring housing market is upon us and you’re looking to sell but when you look on line and in the newspaper it seems like everyone and their brother is a Realtor right?  I know when I took the classes 11 years ago the rooms were filled all day long and it seemed like the whole state was there.  According to the National Association Of Realtors there are over 18,000 licensed agents in the state.  That’s a pretty big number so who do you choose?

What I have found from being in the business over a decade now is just like any business not all Realtors are created equal.  No matter who you choose (ok, shameless plug here – of course I would love if you contacted us even if it was for a second opinion) select a Realtor using the following guideline to help:

  1. Make sure they are full time – that’s crucial to this business, part time agents just don’t work.
  2. Make sure they know your area – that’s key.  I see so many out of town agents both overpricing homes and underpricing homes because they just don’t know anything about the area and the simply guess.
  3. Ask how in depth they are on the Internet.  Google your area using a few different terms and see if the agent even comes up at all.  People do not say “hey lets look at homes today, I will go up to the gas station and grab a paper” or “lets find a Realtor, grab the phone book please”  its just silly.  The web is where you need to be and “NOT JUST THE MLS, while the MLS is a great tool you need to be marketed all over the web so ask in detail what does the agent do for Internet exposure.
  4. Ask how many homes they have sold in your area – if they say none but they’ve been in the business for 3+ years that may be a warning sign – if they say one or two you may want to keep looking.  For instance in Rockford I have sold over 160 homes to date.  That matters because you want your agent to know the area, know what the other homes look like inside, how they smelled, if they had issues and so on because that’s what you’re comparing yourself too.
  5. Feel comfortable.  That may sound dumb but you’re going into business with this person.  You don’t need to be BFF’s as my daughter would say but you do need to see eye to eye and have a relationship that is good for business so the communication stays open.

There’s way more to selling a property than placing a sign in the yard and walking away.  Use the tips above to select the Realtor that best fits you’re needs, your desired outcome and knows the area.  Your equity is important and should not take a back seat to an agent that does not work the area.  Best of luck – feel free to contact us anytime here or call 612-282-7653 or stop by our Rockford office at 8010 Hwy 55 anytime.

Rockford Real Estate Statistics As Of 3/18/2011

Wondering how the Rockford real estate market is currently doing?  The Minneapolis Board Of Realtors offers a great link to see the most current data for the Rockford housing market that I wanted to share with you here today.  Call us see all the housing stats including Rockford median sale price, average days on market and new listings in the Rockford area.  If you have any real estate needs feel free to contact me anytime here or at 612-282-7653 – enjoy your day.

Executive Acreage Two Story

We just listed this gorgeous 12.58 acre two story home in Greenfield.  Its not on the MLS yet and will not be until 3/28/2011 so we only are releasing some information today.  This property sits on 12+ acres with 5 beds, 7 baths, 9,000 finished square feet, in ground heated pool, 8 car garage and all the upgrades you could imagine.  Call us today at 612-282-7653 to set up your showing appointment for 3/28/2011 and get in early.  For more information call us anytime.

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Rockford Business Expo

Its just around the corner, the Rockford / Greenfield community expo also known as “The Rockford Expo“.  The expo is being held this Saturday March 19th, 2011 from 9am-1pm at the Rockford Community Center.

This is not only a great reason to get out of the house after being stuck inside all winter but its a great way to meet some of your neighbors and local businesses as well.  Drawings will be held, food and snacks at the concession stand and many vebdors offering discounted services as a expo promotion.

Rockford MN Real Estate Statistics

As we all know the market can change very quickly and Rockford home prices can rise and fall just like any other community.  I wanted to share a great web page with you that shows the Rockford MLS data so you can see what the sales activity and prices in Rockford look like at any given time.

Click here to see Rockfords housing statistics and remember if you need a more accurate opinion on your specific house feel free to contact a local Rockford Realtor here at anytime.