Thank You From The Derrick Monroe Group

I wanted to take a moment before the 2010 season comes to an end to say thank you.  We just had Thanksgiving and were heading fast toward Christmas and the new year already.  It’s hard to believe I started selling Real Estate in Rockford nearly 11 years ago already, where does the time go.  At times like this, the holidays, I always like to look back and thank those in my life I am thankful for.  I have a great family, support team in my office and even though times get tough for all of us we live not only in a strong community but a world that allows us so much freedom to become who we want and achieve things that we could not in other areas so for that I am tankful as well.

I wanted to extend a sincere thank you for all your local support over the last 11 years and years to come.  Your business and referrals have never gone un-appreciated and I know that without community support our busienss could not survive so thank you from all of us at The Derrick Monroe Group and we wish you a very happy holiday season from our family to yours.  Derrick Monroe – Dorothy Marschel – Ron Monroe – Anne Monroe

Crow River Christmas

A fun and exciting new event is happening in Rockford for the 2010 Christmas season, Crow River Christmas.  This is a first time event that will extend through two weekends in December.

To kick this event off there will be a pancake breakfast on Saturday December 4th from 9:30 to 12:00 at the Youth With A Mission Campus also known as YWAM.

To see all the details please check out the official Crow River Christmas we site at or contact if you have any questions.  Come on out, enjoy the activities and company of all the wonderful folks that make Rockford a great place to call home.

Events include:

  • Medallion Hunt 12/4
  • Pancake breakfast 12/4
  • Cookie walk 12/4
  • Light up the park 12/4
  • Stork House – Open House 12/11
  • Girl Scout bake sale 12/11
  • Pictures with Santa 12/11
  • Fireman’s toy drive 12/11

Rockford Market Update December 2010

Hello and thanks for stopping by our Rockford Blog – A Real Estate Blog for the community and my neighbors to keep up to date on the market around us.  As of today, 12/2/2010 the Rockford real estate market looks like this:

Single Family Homes

  • 24 single family homes for sale
  • Average asking price is $219,195
  • Average home for sale has 4 beds and 3 baths
  • The average home for sale currently was built in 1991 and has 2,288 finished square feet
  • The average home for sale currently has been on the market for 205.7 days

Rockford Townhomes

  • 11 Townhomes are currently for sale
  • The average active Townhome has 2.5 beds and 3 baths, built in 2004 with 1,613 finished square feet
  • The average Rockford Townhome has been for sale 473.2 days as of today

Specializing in the Rockford market ourselves we would be happy to help you in any way we can if your buying or selling in the Rockford area.  Have a great day and thank you for stopping by our Rockford Blog.  If you would like to search homes for sale in Rockford feel free to do so here.

Keep Your Rockford House In The Right Season

I just got back to the office from previewing homes for sale in Rockford.  I try and do this every 2 weeks so that I am up to date on all the inventory Rockford has to offer.  I find this keeps us sharp on current values and inventory to better help our clients and as a Rockford resident myself the more my office and I can stay in tune to the market the better service we can provide.  While I was out today I was surprised at how many homes had summer pictures on the MLS and its December 2nd.  In fact i previewed 8 homes for sale and all 8 had summer pictures still showing on line.  Why does that matter you may ask?  Think about this, most buyers and studies show that when people are searching and see a home picture that is out of season one main question comes to mind – “how long has that home been for sale”?

In the end I would urge sellers to make sure the agent you hire is full time, knows the area and is dedicated to putting your home in the best light.  The single most important marketing tool is the MLS and web sites that pull data from the MLS showcase the pictures and verbiage your agent enters so if we are 2 months into snow, ice and cold weather the last pictures to be listed first should be of green grass and blooming flowers – it simply says “hey look at me and how long I have been for sale” – you want your main picture to showcase the property in the best light but in today’s season so it appears current otherwise it looks like flowered beach shorts on the rack during December – you simply wonder why and how good of a deal your going to get.

If you have any questions about the Rockford market I would love to help.  As a 20 year resident myself and local business owner I truly appreciate this great town and enjoy working locally as much as we can.  I can be reached at my office in Rockford at 8010 Hwy 55 or by phone at 763-477-4821.  Happy holidays everyone.

Rockford Short Sales

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and found some time today finally.  I have had many calls from home owners the past couple years in and around Rockford who have let their home go to foreclosure and call us at the last minute looking for a rental in the Rockford area.  When we talk further most people did not know they had options to foreclosure. Now I am not an attorney nor am I a tax professional but I can tell you foreclosure is not always the best avenue.  For instance, on a foreclosure if you have second mortgage that lender will most likely come after you to collect their loss after a foreclosure.  On a short sale the same lender typically works with us to negotiate and establish a smaller fee to release the lien which is also paid for by the proceeds of the home sale and first lien holder costing you nothing.

The market today has certainly hit us all in many ways, loss of equity in our Rockford homes, struggle to make payments on mortgages and so on.  Just know that their are options to foreclosure.  You can apply for a mortgage adjustment with many lenders that may reduce your interest rate in turn reducing your mortgage payment.  You can do a short sale which allows a Realtor like us to sell your Rockford property at fair market value no matter what is owed on it and negotiate with the banks for you to release the lien and debt.  Short sales are typically better on your credit as well than a foreclosure.  The short sale does not cost you anything to a Realtor, we simply negotiate with the banks not to foreclosure and take fair market value for the property while releasing you from the lien and debt. I can be reached here or 763-477-4821 anytime if you have any questions about a short sale or advice on where to start for a loan modification.

I would just suggest, if you’re looking at foreclosure check with us first to see how we can help negotiate the lien and debt on your behalf before letting it go through foreclosure.

River Works “Community Helping Community”

As you may already know, RiverWorks opened the food shelf serving 99 households. In the months we have been open we have exploded to 153 households. Our recent numbers have shown us that we have served 869 individuals, which is 1 in 7 of our neighbors of our community have now needed emergency food one or more times since March 2010. This summer RiverWorks piloted The RoundUp a weekly event out at Glenn & Colleen Schroeder’s ranch. Every Wednesday from June 9th through August 25 we had families come out for dinner, games, horse back riding, and ended with an old-fashioned camp fire. In the first few weeks we had 50 – 60 people but that grew to 110 -115 every week and on the Last RoundUp and Cowboy show 355 people came for our for a pig-roast, cowboy show and music. The Round-Up exists to strengthen family and community bonds by providing activities the whole family can enjoy on a weekly basis focusing on the use of horses who can teach us so much about ourselves and relationships with others. Some of our goals for the summer included:

  •  Build stronger relationships in both family and community by coming together to “play” and create common experiences.
  • Build a stronger community by consistently meeting “neighbors” during this event.
  • Provide an opportunity for kids and adults to be physically active and get outdoors.
  • Share information to encourage and inspire families that address physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Build healthy relationships with God, self and others and give an opportunity to connect with a local faith community.

It was fun to see us hit our goals and to see families and the community come together each week for a fun free family event. To see a clip of our RoundUp video see

If you have any other questions or comments I would be happy to stop by sometime and visit. Have a great day, Denise Denise Kesanen RiverWorks Community Development Organization 8230 Cedar Street . Rockford, MN 55373

Rockford market update September 2010

As of 9/22/1010 the Rockford market has 28 single family homes for sale and 13 townhomes.  If you average those out they look like this:

Single family – 199.6 days on market, 3.57 bed, 2.5 bath, 2,179 finished square feet and asking $217,881

Townhomes – 471.9 days on market, 2.46 bed, 2.23 bath, 1,527 finished square feet and asking $153,808

For more information about the market ask your Realtor or call me at 612-282-7653.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by…