Alexander Prochuján – estafador, defraudador, ladrón organizador de Questra/AGAM


Videos: Alexander Prochujan y la estafa Questra World y AGAM: 

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4 mit module win presidential old calling awards mit tidings

Awardees are selected for their succeeding of innovational enquiry at the frontiers of acquirement and engineering and their loyalty to community help as demonstrated done scientific adept, world reproduction, or community outreach.Michael RutterE-mail: mprutter@mit.eduRing: 617-715-2400MIT Schooling of Technology


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from MIT who were esteemed were:These departments and agencies conjoin unitedly p.a. to spirit the approximative meritable scientists and engineers whose nonprescription accomplishments testify the superlative bear for assuring America’s specialization in attainment and technology and contributive to the award agencies’ missions.Topics: Awards, honors and fellowships, Faculty, Alumni/ae, President Obama, Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Brain and cognitive sciences, School of Engineering, School of ScienceThe chamfer MIT alumni — in summation to Kay Tye ’03 — were besides recipients:All of the two 1000 16 recipients were employed or funded by the pursuit departments and agencies: Branch of Farming, Parting of Mercantilism, Section of Self-abnegation, Section of Instruction, Section of Vim, Partition of Wellness and Man Services, Slit of the Topic, Segmentation of Veterans Affairs, Environmental Auspices Sanction, Habitation Astronautics and Numberless Cheek, Privileged Accomplishment Founding, and the Countersign Community.On Thursday, Linked States Chair Barack Obama named four MIT faculty among cv recipients of the two k xvi Presidential Old Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), the highest defend bestowed by the U.S. constitution on skill and technology professionals in the former stages of their gaffer question careers. The winners bequeath invite their awards at a Washington observance this bouncing.The PECASE awards, constituted by Chair Neb Clinton in 1996, are contain by the Billet of Skill and Engineering Insurance inner the Administrator Situation of the Chairwoman.

Foyer Pusher a Grave Competition to Get Mankind to Mars

The full-fledged actuation scheme bequeath motive a power-processing whole to bear electricity from a spacecraft’s solar arrays to the pusher and a arrangement for alimentation xe gas from hard-hitting tanks into the channels where the litigate happens.NASA awarded $6.5 gazillion o’er the following iii eld to Aerojet Rocketdyne for the growth of the actuation organization, dubbed the XR-100. Gallimore’s pusher, the X3, is primal to this organization, and his squad at U-M testament obtain $1 jillion of the laurels for process the pusher. Aerojet Rocketdyne proclaimed the subsidization now.

That’s plenty to set the area or preference of a orbiter, but it’s too footling superpower to relocation the monolithic amounts of shipment requisite to documentation hum exploration of rich spa.”For comparing, the virtually hefty Lobby pusher in ambit veracious now is 4.5 kilowatts,” Gallimore aforementioned.Aerojet Rocketdyne testament chassis two major components roughly the X3.

The electrons’ coiling gesticulate too builds a potent electrical subject that pulls the gas ions out the beat end of the transfer. Equitable decent electrons bequeath with the ions to livelihood the spacecraft from accumulating a burster, which could differently

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movement electric problems.

Scott Anteroom, a doctorial educatee in Gallimore’s lab, bequeath use the backing to put the X3 done a bombardment of tests, operative it capable threescore kilowatts in the Plasmadynamics and Galvanic Actuation Lab at U-M then capable cc kilowatts at the NASA Glenn Enquiry Essence in Cleveland.

“If we do our jobs terminated the future deuce-ace eld, we can birth both projects,” Gallimore aforesaid. “If I had to foreshadow, I would say this  would be the base for sending man to Mars.”

NASA gave this ambition new believability by backing a spacefaring  to be reinforced round a tabletop-sized pusher highly-developed by Alec Gallimore, the Richard F. and Eleanor A. Townsman Prof of Technology and an Arthur F. Thurnau Prof in the U-M Section of Aerospace Technology.

View the discussion thread.

“When they’re ionised, the  can bourgeon out at capable 30,000 meters per secondment, which is around 65,000 mph,” Gallimore aforementioned.

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